Hi everyone,

Been considering building/engine swapping my 202 and I wanted to figure out a couple of things

How much torque will the 5 speed manual take before unraveling?

A superficial web search reveals minimal info on the 1.8L which I have and would prefer to build as opposed to swapping in another engine.

Some obscure sight which I think was Australian said it has 8.5 compression, is it true?

I'm assuming if the compression is as low as 8.5 then it should be able to take a bit of boost, has anyone tested this and how reliable is the engine under boost(especially the pistons, I don't think they made a supercharged version of it so that makes custom made forged pistons the only option?

Are turbo injectors and high capacity fuel pumps available for this engine?

Are there any LSDs that fit the 202 outside those from the AMG 202s?