okay so what was supposed to be a 15min CPS change turned out to be a FUCKING NIGHTMARE. My crankshaft sensor is seized in the block and no matter what i do it wont even budge! i tried vice grips, needle nose pliers, pb blaster and liquid wrench that soaked for days. I was able to get a good grip and pull, and i mean i was REALLY pulling. I was pulling so hard it felt like i had no sensation in my wrist.. i imagined myself dead lifting 445lb for a triple, but still the CPS wouldn't even move. By this point the top plastic were the connector plugs in, broke off leaving only two metal prongs in the middle exposed. so i weighed in my options and figured i should try and drill in the middle of the CPS to try and get the metal out the middle, hoping this is what was causing the seize. so i grabbed a 12" drill extension and put a 3'16th bit on the end. now i knew before taking the drill to the sensor i would have to be VERY careful to drill directly through the center and not in the engine block. especially considering im using metal cutting drill bits. i started to apply little pressure in the middle of the censor (in between the two metal prongs that were sticking out) and before i knew it, i felt the drill bit sink into a whole. I instantly felt like a fucked something up MAJOR. well my dreaded nightmares came true. the drill went through the cps at a wrong angle causing it to go through the top part of the bell housing were the 8m torx screw goes. Long story short i am able to see threw the 8m hole into the new hole that i drilled. here is a video so you can get a better understanding.

In the video you can see the first hole were the torx screw goes threw and the second hole that i drilled

So what do i do now? did i completely fuck myself? is this repairable and what does it require?