So, with no time for the Turbo project and not really wanting to invest in stand alone. I might be interested in getting rid of the car.
It’s sat in my garage for over 3 years now. Has not moved at all. Just no time to get to it.

Mods list is too extensive. Would prefer to get rid of the entire car. That way whoever buys can take what they want from it and scrap the body.
Body is in okay shape, but rust is coming back. Plus there was an impact at the left rear and it just wasn’t repaired properly. Because of that I’ve been looking for a clean 1999 w202 to replace the body. But just haven’t seen one yet. Or seen one at a price I like!
If you already have a 1999-2000 w202 kompressor then this is just a straight swap over and you will have a spare engine. Which is always handy.

List of parts;

1 piece headlights, LED tail lights, replica Brabus front bumper, C36 rear bumper. Have C36 side skirts for it also.
Engine has way too many custom parts to list them all. But custom turbo manifold, Garrett turbo, custom liquid to air intercooler, custom intake manifold, custom 3” exhaust. Custom coolant tank and washer fluid tank.
Will include my 6 speed manual transmission, dual mass flywheel and clutch pedal assembly. Never made it in the car. Maybe you can get it done. Just needs a clutch. I was looking at SPEC clutch to put into it. A stage 3+. But up to you what you want to do.
Interior is gutted, fake Bride racing seats up front. Custom skull wood trim.
Euro Comand with roof gps antenna, tv tuner.
KW suspension, weichers strut tower braces, SLK55 front and rear brakes (6 pot front and 4 pot rear, custom front caliper brackets), goodridge braided flex brake lines.
Has 18” SL55 amg multispokes on it, but I would like to keep the wheels. 17” wheels will clear the brakes.

Also have available AMG aero i in 17x8.5 and 17x10 3 piece with Hoosier race tires. Never used.

I’m sure I’m missing something!

Car runs and drives. Just doesn’t run properly as it is not tuned for the turbo.
That’s where a custom tune comes in or stand alone.
Prefer someone local as they can take the entire vehicle. If there is enough interest might be willing to part out everything and sell just the parts.

As of right now $6000 for the car and all the parts.
$2500 for the AMG aero i in 17” 3 piece with Hoosier race tires.