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Thread: Any interest in air ride for the W202?

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    Any interest in air ride for the W202?

    Just picked up a W202 C230 Sport Kompressor, and I have Accuair Elevel and an Endo VT tank lying around from my last car. As well as 4 bags, so Ill be bagging my car in the next week. Just need to make cups for the bags and I will be ready.

    Noticed there is no W202 kit really, are any of you interested? I can document the measurements and install for anyone that would be interested. Then move over to the classifieds section to help the W202 platform have more suspension options.

    Let me know what you all think, Ill be updating with pictures soon.

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    I'm not sure about interest from the Board as not many people are on nowadays. There have been several people that have done bags, all custom I would assume. I think it would be a good idea to document along the way. Maybe someone could utilize the information.
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    I would not do it. Air suspension is pretty unreliable for everyday use.

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    I found a place in Poland that makes one for the W202 but it does not look like they ship to the U.S.

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