Hi all
I have a problem with the headlight range regulator. My car is a 1999 W202 C220 CDI.
VIN: WDB2021331A799783
I checked all the vacuum hoses and fittings. I completely removed the instrument panel and the suction hoses are perfect. Everything seems to be in good condition.
I also changed the control wheel for a new original..and the system works for a few minutes, then the headlights "fall" and I can not lift them with the wheel.
According to WIS, my car does NOT have a vacuum storage tank. There is only one vacuum pump on the right side and under the trunk padding. Could someone explain to me how the headlight range adjustment system works and where to look for the defect?
I must specify that in all doors, the vacuum shutoff works perfectly, and the boot also.
I have also tested with a vacuum pump, each of the headlights independently ... and both retain the vacuum.
I clarify that my vehicle is DIESEL
Thank you so much