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Thread: Worth getting c36 amg exhaust?

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    Worth getting c36 amg exhaust?

    Some of you may know that I had the resonator delete done and added a magnaflow exhaust on my 2000 c280. I'm not liking the sound. Would it be worth it to buy a c36 exhaust? I saw one on ebay for $450 OBO or should I get a remus exhaust for $630?

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    I say Remus. But the price is too much.
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    Thats what I was thinking. I'm gonna try to go after the amg exhaust

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    The AMG exhaust will be quieter than what you have. Honestly I would try to use a different muffler resonator combo. I'm not a fan of the magnaflow sound, and it sounds like you are too. There are other options. And frankly if you have a quality exhaust made it will be every bit as good as the remus.
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    try to get the Eisennman exhaust for C280, the sound is rounder and a bit louder than the C36.

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