Warm greetings to you all

I've been mulling over the idea of performing an engine swap on my 97 german spec C180 esprit. What engines from other manufacturers can possibly fit.
The most interesting Benz option around is the 5.0 from the W211 E Class. I'm sticking to the car I have due to its being a relatively stripped down trim in terms of weight and I want to keep the manual as all C class cars with with 2.0 Kompressor or higher are always imported with an automatic. My concerns are how complicated it would be to mate said engine and the transmission I have and whether the trans, drivshaft and diff would take the torque, bearing in mind that I would be keeping in its stock tune with 300 hp and 340/460 ft.lb/Nm. Are there any aftermarket ECUs that might support this swap? in terms of other components I'm thinking a set of good coilovers and brakes off an E500.

What do you guys think?