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Thread: EBAY HID ballasts went bad already

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    EBAY HID ballasts went bad already

    As the title stated, I bought a set of Xenon HID headlights on EBAY about 5 months ago. THe car was only driven about 4 weeks at most with them and then yesterday I blew a 7.5amp right headlamp fuse. Turned out the culprit was the cheap china ballast that is provided with most kits people buy. I just got a set of HID SLIM ballasts from a friend who deals with this stuff all the time (of course he chewed me out for not talking to him in the first place) and I was informed these are the best on the market. I have some 6000K bulbs and they were just a tad bluish still with the china ballast, I put in some 35w slims and now the light is pure white with the same bulbs.

    Don't buy anything with this crap ballast-

    These are the way to go-

    The friend I got them from also gave me a 1 year guarantee.

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    Retro fit source is also pretty good tons of good reviews planning to get them sometime.

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    I recommend DDM tuning HID kits, they're only 30 bucks and I've had them for 6 years. One ballast went bad but they replaced it for free, I got another one for $15 just in case.

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    Same happened to me with eBay specials, I just took the lid off the ballast box and it will be covered in a compound to keep moisture out. The faulty component will probably show with some black burning appearance, then just get the part number off the component (it was a diode in my case), the buy a replacement from RS or Maplins for a few pence, then solder it in and you are good to go.

    I'm an electrical engineer and found it dead easy, so I'm sure you'll be fine.

    Beers, H.

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