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Thread: Lil help here....

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    Lil help here....

    We're can I get headliner material. I been lurking around and I can't find it. Few weeks back I removed my headliner cuz of the famous sag it was just annoying lol. So I went and rip everything apart now I wanna put everything back together.

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    just get some nice suede or something from joanns/upholstery shop

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    Here is a quote from my Headliner post about adhesive. You can get the good stuff at Autozone. Do NOT use the headliner adhesive!!!

    {The glue I used is the 3M Super Trim Adhesive Yellow (Automotive). It was very nice stuff to work with. I sprayed two coats on both sides as per directions. 3m also has a "headliner and trim adhesive- ( also automotive) but is not as heavy duty nor as heat resistant but it allows more working time. This Super Yellow stuff you have to work quickly and with a buddy system- do not try it yourself- too hard to handle for one person. The headliner adhesive gives 60mins working time, this heavy duty stuff sticks on contact and only allows for about 20 mins tops even thought the can says 4 tact, 30 mins working time.

    I started by laying the material flat upside down, spaying it completely once, then the headliner backer board- that used almost one full can- then immediately went for the second coat right away. Gave it about 2 minutes after that and started to assemble the rear center first(Since I finished the second coat there about 5-6 mins earlier and was already tacking), working towards the sunroof opening with both sides folded towards the center line still. I then went right and left off that while my buddy held the fabric up in front of the sunroof. Once that was tacked enough and rubbed in for about 5 mins, he grabbed one side up front and I grabbed the other corner as we each pulled and pressed around the sunroof opening to meet in the front center. LF and RF tabs of the fabric lay over in triangle form at this point I started working the dome lamp and visor pockets until the entire fabric lay in place.}

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