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Thread: C36 bodykit

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    C36 bodykit

    Hi there. New here and I have 97 c200k which I truly like and want to make perfect for myself. Sadly here in Europe, in the north it does have lots of rust, nothing serious though, just looks ugly. Before I start doing the bodywork I really need to get my hands on a c36 bodykit. But a problem rises, can't locate one anywhere, yet getting c43 and other aftermarket ones would be a matter of 1 hr. Can someone suggest any online shops that offer c36 full bodykit ( bumpers + sideskirts, fog lights would be a huge win also, but don't count on that ) within Europe?!?!? Many thanks in advance.

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    look on german ebay for bodykits

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    This what you are looking for? I'm 35 miles W. of London.

    Please PM me if you are interested & want further photos, info etc. The boot spoiler is a Schatz with 3rd brake a light

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    Try some local junk yards. You can also find them on classicamguk.

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