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Thread: M62 M111 supercharger pulley boost kit

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    M62 M111 supercharger pulley boost kit

    Found this on eBay and thought it might be good for some w202ers looking to increase boost. I know there isn't a lot kits available these days.

    I have no affiliation with these people, just saw it and thought I would share.

    It looks like it replaces the clutch style pulley completely. So you may need to get something coded out to avoid a check engine light. May want to talk to them about it, or talk to a tuning company.
    The pulley is available in various sizes for various boost levels.
    Seems pretty good, and price isn't too bad.
    They also seem to do supercharger rebuilds and modifying Superchargers to maximize flow.

    Have a look.
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    I was searching for pulley upgrades and I came across the same seller on ebay making these custom kompressor pullies. Does anyone have any experiences or input on this kit?

    This eliminates the stock electromagnetic clutch and the seller says to wire in resistor. He says he bought a 100W / 10Ohm resistor and the original plug for the connections with fuses between (5A).

    Does this seem legit?

    Was also looking at the Speer Chiptuning kit, but it's hard to decipher exactly what it is because their site is in German.
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