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Thread: Cluster with Info display

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    Cluster with Info display

    Hello,I want to swap my instrument cluster with one that has big info display,but I am not sure I seen them on 202,I have seen them on 208 and 210,but does they came on w202 too?As I know,the w210 cluster woud fit my car eletronically,but I have read about physical fitting issues,do they have the same outer body design?Also,do I need to somehow pair new cluster with car using computer or no?I once saw one homepage where one enthusiast was doing this,but he changed w208 cluster inside into w202 body and after that,he used star diagnostic tool to pair it with car,but he took the cluster from w208 kompressor and installed into c180 ,woud that cause the pairing issues,I am thinking of getting a cluster from 2,0 m111 for example w210 ,will it work with my car?

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    I know it's too late,but i managed to do the same and made whatever until i succeeded. you need a steering wheel with multi function controls to manage the display.

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