Hey Folks,

I just inherited a C220 that was in a minor accident (which is why I inherited it: Grandma doesn't get to drive anymore). I'm working on tearing down/rebuilding the car myself, since it looks like it was just damage to the radiator support, and passenger headlight. When working on starting to dismantle the damage so I can get the motor spinning freely to verify if any damage was done to it, I noticed that there's several plastic pushes used to connect the radiator supports together. Because of the damage, I wasn't able to get these out without destroying them. I believe there's still one in place on the driver's side, and if so I'll try to snap a picture of it this weekend and post it for added clarity, but is there any chance someone knows the pushes I'm talking about from just this description, and can provide me their part number? I want to start looking for a place where I can buy a 10-20 pack, since I'll probably find and destroy a few more before all is said and done with this repair.