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Thread: Fitted w204 front seats from amg c class to my w202

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    Fitted w204 front seats from amg c class to my w202

    Hi guys just fitted electric full leather multi contour heated front seats in my w202 as my leather seats felt a little dated.but if anyone is up to this mod not for the faint have to slice the top of the new seat rails grind flat old rails weld new top half onto old bottom half and bolt back onto seat but onto inside of seat bolt holes not outside like it should go.also you need to put two washers in between both rear but and bolts you will see why when you get there..they are slightly narrower but more hugging and supportive than original also if you don't have orthapedic seats you will need central locking pump and seat red tank and pipes from c43 or ,e55 with mkl pipe outlet hope this help's someone w204 seats used c220 cdi amg 2015.also

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    I want to go ahead and try to do this mod

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    Interesting upgrade. Got any pics?

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