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Thread: revs drop at stop light

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    revs drop at stop light

    Hi guys, i am new here, i hope you can help me, i have a 1996 c220 with manual transmission, the thing is that the rpms drop when i get to a stop light, sometimes it stalls, i have cleaned the TB ( FOUND OIL ON IT ), i have recently installed sparks and wires and maf sensor as well but the problem continues. NO rough idle, just the reps dropping when driving and getting to a stop.
    i will also appreciate if you can tell me where the EGR valve is, i can't find it.
    and the crankcase valve also, i can't find it.

    regards from mexico

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    Possibly the harness on the throttle body has an issue.

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    On the pre-facelift w202 models, the EGR valve comes out with the intake manifold.

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    revs drop at stop light

    Hi all.
    Have got an LPG system in my Doka. Was already fitted when I got it so know very little about it really.
    Used to work fine. I had to remove engine but now its all back together the LPG has a cliche.
    Keeps switching back to petrol when the revs drop. It stays on LPG while revs are up but when I change gear it switches back to petrol. If I rev it, it goes back to gas until revs drop again.
    Tank is full.
    Where should I start looking?

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