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Thread: C230k upgrade parts list help

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    C230k upgrade parts list help

    Hello everyone I recently bought a 1998 c230k with 150k miles on it
    Thought it runs fine I知 doing a full rebuild and tuning the engine.
    Now I have looked through many of the existing threads regarding this and have come up with a list.
    If I have missed anything please could you chime in also do I fit all the parts and then get a remap?
    Also what gains am I likely to get.
    Also is relocating the MAS/MAF a good idea

    1. Bosch BMW MAS/MAF
    2. Bosch 4bar fuel pressure regulator
    3.intercooler size 27.5x7.25x2.5
    4. Super charger pulley kit 76mm
    Ebay seller emm0332012
    Item number 27337007824
    5. Engine crank pulley kit
    With new longer drive belt
    6. Boost guage

    Thanks for helping guys
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