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Thread: Manual gearbox max torque

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    Manual gearbox max torque


    as the title suggests, does anybody know how much torque can the manual gearbox handle in the w202?

    I honestly think mercedes manual gearboxes are kinda crap.. For example looking at the C36 and C43 AMG, they never came in manual; but it's even more clear if you look at the w203 chassis, where just the entry models were available in manual.

    I really would like to invest my money in a sick w202, but with the weak manual tranny and the absence of an aftermarket lsd I'm kinda limited..

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    It's tough to say without providing more information on which W202 you're referring to. Good place to start looking for this info is by searching this forum/other MB forums for your engine or transmission models.

    For example, the M104 engine, alone, can be found in the W124, C124, S124, R129, W202, W140, W210, and W463 chassis, so while the stock manual transmission mated to a W202 with an M104 might not suit your needs, you might be able to find a better match from another car.

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    Really do not know the rating on the manual gearbox. Do you have a number for it? The 722.6 can handle close to 800ft-lbs
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    I was informed one of the stronger M-B manual boxes is a 6 speed from a W203 2.7 cdi.

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