My 1995 C36 is having a misfiring problem. Inspection of the engine oil filler cap indicates water present as the are some brownish milky stains there.

I am removing the cylinder head to replace the head gasket. I enquired from my local parts dealers for the head gasket for this engine but none seem to know anything about this engine. Actually this C36 is very rare in Malaysia.

Based on the chassis number, they says itís a C280 and will supply to me a C280 gasket. I think this is not the correct gasket as the C36 bore is 91mm which is bigger than the C280 89.9mm

I need expert opinion from fellow members here who has done a head gasket replacement on their C36.

1. Can I use the C280 head gasket?
2. If not, what is the size of the head gasket?
3. What is the part no. for the correct head gasket?
4. Any suggestion on the HG manufacturer?
5. Where can I buy it? Assuming that I will buy it online and have it shipped to Malaysia

Thank you