Hi, i'm new here, found this forum when i was looking around for tips and help to renovate and upgrade my w202 c230k.
I have seen that there are quite a few threads about upgrading to this particular engine/car but most are a few years old so it feels better to start a new one instead of waking several old threads.

I have a list of things I want to fix to get more power but i want some pointers from people that already built engien upgrades on this car so i don't mess up

My list is
New exsaust manifold
High flow cat and muffler
Crankshaft pulley and supercharger pulley
Bigger intercooler
Bigger fuel injectors
Fuel pressure regulator
Maby a homemade intake manifold

I am going to build a new exsaust manifold because it doesn't seem to be possible find a pre owned or a new except the crapy ones on ebay, so im going to try to copy the supersprint from some pictures i have found.

I have a FOX end muffler on right now and have made a resonator delete, and i am getting my high flow cat next week.

For the SC i have found keelman's kit or speer chiptuning pulley's for crankshaft and SC, any pros and cons?
The previous owner welded together the SC pulley so it is already constant driving so thats why im getting a smaller pulley for the SC. or is it better to find a new clutch and make it smaller?

I need a bigger intercooler but i haven't found one that fits, does anyone know of any that fits or is it just to measure and make it fit?

How much does the original fuel injectors hold up for?
Do i need to upgrade them for the upgrades i'm going to do?

I have read that i need a fuel pressure regulator up to 5bar, i have found some but i wanna be sure that it fits before i by one, so if someone have a suggestion that would be great

I read that i need to place a voltage clamp on my maf sensor, does anyone know what sensor that is and can direct me to the right one

Is there any power to gain if i build my own intake manifold?
I have the aluminium intake, and i haven't found any aftermarket intakes of homemade intakes for this engine.

Any one have any other upgrade suggestions that can be good if i upgrade the things on my list?
Or other upgrades that can make some power?

What i have red my car doesn't have a map sensor, what do i have to do to tune it without a map sensor?
Is it even possible without getting like Haltech or MSD Ignition?

I welcome any tips or suggestions that can help me in my quest to gain some power with open arms and things that might be easy to miss or forget to do when i have everything apart from the engine

When the engine is done i will focus on the chassi, i live in sweden so there is alot of snow, and of course salt

I apologise in advance for my English and thank in advance for any help
It became a long post