Hi everyone,

This particular problem drove me CRAZY for a year! I had the red green red lights flashing in the mirror. I could crank but not start my 1995 C220. I thought it was an immobiliser issue. I replaced the fuel pump, fuel relay, fuel regulator, crankshaft sensor, sent the Engine Control Unit (ECU) to America for modification (immo off) got the MB dealer out (who couldn't diagnose the problem or even read the codes BUT still charged me $190! From checking many,many websites and Youtube I finally found one comment - just one line that said check your Over Voltage Protection (OVP) Relay. (relay in that silver box with the fuse next to OBD port).

I did and that was it! That was my problem fixed! Easiest way to check the OVP is to open the relay case and push the bottom relay with a plastic pen (with key in position 2) and you should hear the fuel pump and injectors come to life...and you can start your car. Order a new OVP relay (around $100) and you are good to go!

I hope my post helps someone as this was a major, major issue for me and i hope I can save another member from all this heartache! I was about to junk my car and send it to the wreckers as no one - not even the MB Dealer could diagnose the fault!