Good evening.
If I need to post first in the presentation Forum please let me know.
I am here not only to get help but also to help other members.

I am a owner of a w202 C250D (OM605.910) with 400k km. Since last year it started to missfire when is only cold started. One person says it is compression, or a compression leak. Other tell me it could be bad lifters (tappets) , bad injector or engine timing.
As anyone experienced a problem like mine? Also when the car sits in the sun the missfire still exists but not so strong.
I also noticed that my crankcase ventilation system is toasted. I already ordered new pipes from mercedes. How I test the PCV valve? It has flow in both directions.

Thanks in advance

when it sits in the sun
When sits at the garage
The strange noise when the injector cover is out (PCV valve?)

PS: all the glow plugs are working