I'm about to undertake an engine swap on a w202 c230 kompressor with M111 engine. I want to tidy up a couple of things under the hood while I'm in there.

1: Delete secondary air injection system.
From what I gathered, the SAI on these cars are a bit more complex(?) than other cars. I come from the Audi world where we can delete the SAI by just removing it, plugging/blocking off any hoses/ports that aren't used anymore, and either wire in a resistor, or get ecu programmed so no CEL pops up. Can we do the same with the M111?

2: Delete PCV system.
I want to run a vented catch can, or dump tube because I don't want to recirculate dirty vapor and oil back into my engine. Again, like the SAI, this system seems a bit more complex than most cars since it has full load ventilation, and part load ventilation systems.

On the full load side, run the vented catch can off the valve cover where the stock plastic spiral hooked up too, plug off the dipstick tube where the oil drained back, and plug off the spot where the hose ran to the supercharger.

The part load side consists of the 2 brass nipple restrictors in the head, the PCV, and some sort of oil separation chamber integrated into one of the accessory mounts.

Cap off the 2 brass nipples, and the integrated oil separation chamber? I don't think that would cause any excessive crankcase pressure, since this is the part load side anyway. At most, maybe I would need to just run a vent tube upward from the integrated oil separation chamber with a 25mm filter attached to the end of it, or instead, run it to the vented catch can on the full load side. Either should work. What do you think?

3: Vacuum line simplification.
I want to simplify/delete any unnecessary vacuum lines(not limited to SAI/PCV).

I think the PCV delete/catch can seems pretty straightforward. I've internet searched, but couldn't find anything on the SAI delete or a vacuum line simplication for the M111. Can someone please point me in the right direction to get this stuff accomplished?

Thanks in advance.